Physician Coding Resource handles your training needs

The average provider leaves $40,000 dollars on the table annually through poor documentation.  As a PA myself, I know that it's not your fault.  You simply were not trained how to document for coding purposes.  At PCR, we are medical practitioners so we understand your struggle.  We offer low cost, subscription based solutions to fit your need. 

Using our LMS platform we will put each of your practitioners through our training modules to lay the foundation of knowledge needed to implement in the practice setting.  By avoiding the 6-8 hour long training session and opting instead for just four 30 minute modules your providers will retain and utilize the tools given.

For those practitioners who need a more personalized touch we will utilize our LMS platform to bring you individualized coaching.  By using our LMS we are able to share the charting documents and see the individual practitioners giving a personal feel in a modern setting.

Test your medical coding knowledge.  Take the quiz!
Which of the following is a moderate risk patient?
How may ROS do you need for an established level 4 patient?
How many systems need to be examined for a new level 4 patient?
Which diagnosis will cover the order of a flu test?